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    China Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster - Joe Kwok

Kwok Kin Man, Joe studied for 7 years at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and graduated in 2007.  He studied under Professor Wong Wai Ming, who was the concertmaster at the Hong Kong Sinfonietta;and Professor Leung Kin Fung, who won the ten outstanding young persons in Hong Kong.  On behalf of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, he joined the concert "全國最美華人之星音樂會" with other countries' musicians and performed with Lang Lang, the international renowned pianist.  He also performed with the Macau Orchestra and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.  Simultaneously, he is also active in ensemble music.   And he is the music director of "Appasionato"*.

In the past, he was a freelance player with the symphony orchestra in Macau.  And he often performed with the Haydn Quartet on various classical music, such as the string quartet by Schubert, the string quartet by Haydn etc.  Among the performances with the Haydn Quartet, one specific show was an invitation to St. Johnís Cathedral in Central to perform a charitable concert "The Spirit of Love, Water for Live", this event was co-produced with a German singer (Vienest Sound).  In Hong Kong, he works at diverse hotels, such as Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel and Hong Kong Langham Place Hotel etc., as violin soloist and member of string quartet.  Such performances include the wedding event organized by the President of SASA's Cosmetic Limited.

In the pop-music sector, he had recorded numerous advertisement music, such as Rejoice.  And he was invited to perform at huge events at the Hong Kong Coliseum, including the concert by Jay Chou, the famous singer in Taiwan, where Joe performs as first violinist and also member in string quartet; the concert by Paula Tsui, the famous singer in Hong Kong; and other concerts by famous music directors such as Chiu Tsang Hei and Alan Tsui etc.

Joe is enthusiastic in teaching and he continues to pursue music studies to improve himself in different ways.  Over the last decade, his students attained outstanding results in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in different grades of the violin concerto competitions. And he is the conductor and the teacher of violin and viola in many schools. 

*Appasionato, a team in playing ensemble music created by Hong Kongís youngest musicians.  In this team, every player reaches professional level in music performance.  They have regular rehearsal practice and are active in many event performances, pop-music accompaniments and string quartet performances etc.

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